Soul Gardening Journal is a printed, paper journal written by women, for women, bringing to your mailbox handmade beauty. The journals are small enough to be tucked into a purse or diaper bag so they can be held and read while nursing a child, sitting in a waiting room, or sipping some tea. Journal pages are filled with reflections, poems and prayers, short engaging articles and original artwork. We invite all women of good will to be a part of this community. While this is a Catholic space, this is an open door of hospitality which is at the heart of this mission. Soul Gardening Journal celebrates the extraordinary in the ordinary, the simple lovely things in life, and the value, dignity and uniqueness of Woman, made by God. We are a small group of Catholic artists who feel the call to unplug and live our lives a little more slowly and intentionally, nourishing the relationships and the reality before us in our immediate lives. As we live out the “duty of the moment”, we believe in the sacredness to be found in the everyday and in the power of making our lives a living prayer.


Sia Hoyt & Hope Schneir, Editors

| Ursula Crowell, accounting + circulation | Margaret Ryland, layout +design |

Soul Gardening Journal’s history holds first-decade journaling + book art by Mary Pemberton, first-decade journaling, leadership + roots by Ellie Nickelsen; web and tech sponsorship + engineering by Don Turrentine; original layout design of journals by Darren Cools.