Readers and contributors, we want to hear from you! Other perspectives on this busy life of motherhood are healthy and refreshing! Your voices are what help to breathe life and experience into our journal so do consider sharing your thoughts. Send your articles, poetry or reflections our way for print consideration. 


1. Originality: Contributions must be original / previously unpublished; if you have a blog, wait to post until after journal has been printed/delivered. 

2. Topics / Subjects:

Below is a list of our regular columns should you have something brewing that would be a good fit within:

Book Basket : review, recommendation, reflection… about children’s books or books from your own bedside table!

The Thrifty Wife : something along the lines of being a frugal, prudent mother/manager of the home front

Homespun: this column occasionally replaces the The Thrifty Wife but is more oriented towards hand-on projects like simple, lovely little patterns or sewing projects.

Root Children: ideas to inspire our children in the appreciation of the natural world with ideas, reflections or projects.

Stage and Gallery: on exhibitions, theatrical productions, dance, and concerts. This column will not be for book or movie reviews, but rather for thoughts on how a painting affected you or why a wonderful stage production (think: Shakespeare, Rodgers and Hammerstein or Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty) reminded you that live performances are unparalleled  or perhaps musings on an orchestral work or favorite chamber music piece.

Funnies : a lighthearted column for the writing mother who is gifted with humor and spunk!

From the Kitchen: original recipes of your own that have been born from certain circumstances, have meaning and tradition, or are practical and have become regular staples. This is super fun for other mamas to read. We love introductory paragraphs ABOUT the original recipe being shared. It adds a wonderful personal touch that is like soul food from mother to mother. Any recipe, as long as it is your own & is original (it can even be a recipe from a book that you’ve modified in some way, so long as original credit is given) are welcome: hot, cold, snacky or meal-y. Ideally they are  seasonally-oriented so that we can put them into Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter journals. They are welcome anytime of year, and we can use them when the season is right. We keep everything on file. (You can send us updated personal taglines later if we choose to save for a different season!)

3. Taglines: Please also include a tagline with your piece.  A tagline is a little blurb about yourself so that our readers can get to know you. Generally this is a 1-3 sentence brief bio containing quirky, interesting or basic factual details about your life. Location and life-situation is a common basic start to this bit.

4. Word count: generally between 1000 or 1500 words. We encourage short, strong reflections, articles, poems or prose.

Finally, we encourage you to say a little prayer before you begin writing! Our journals are not about us but about pointing to Christ. Each issue is dedicated to Mary. We like to encourage our contributors to be vessels of Christ, helping our readers to grow in holiness! So: Come Holy Spirit!

All accepted submissions become shared property of Soul Gardening Journal. SGJ and crew members retain rights to print and reprint content at will.

Thank you for your willingness to contribute to this ministry!