The Tides are changing…..

Effective NOW, Soul Gardening journal will no longer be a quarterly, subscription journal. Instead, we are dependent solely on donations. We are very excited to shift gears and surrender this totally to God.  We need your help to keep journals coming. Please donate by clicking on the donation paypal button or by sending a check to our PO Box. (click on Contact Us for details.)

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No More Subscriptions/Renewal
If you’re already on our list, you are, from now on, a permanent recipient of this journal for as long as we continue this ministry. There is no need to “renew” anything.

Add as many people as you want to our mailing list!
We’d like to broaden our circulation, broaden the chances of attracting generous donors to our cause, and get this into the hands of mothers who otherwise couldn’t afford it. So you may send us the names and addresses of anyone you want added to our list without limit.

Help us advertise!
The more people who “sign up”, the better. Why? because then our mailing prices can go down and we can switch to “bulk mailings.” And the printing costs go down significantly when the numbers are higher. So spread the word and email us with addresses of people you think would like to receive the journal.

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and relatives!

Please help us
to encourage donations!

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Payments can be sent by check or money order to:

Soul Gardening
P.O. Box 5132
Bremerton, WA 98312

(please make all checks payable to Elizabeth Peck)

Or e-mailed via Paypal to:

We depend on donations and your prayers as we still consider this a ministry. Thank you for the ongoing support, financial and spiritual! This continues to be an honor and a joy.

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